Sunday, April 29, 2012

In which I reveal the true Olga

Stop! If you haven't already, go read the post before this one. You need it for background. Then come back here.

After the social disaster on the evening of Mr. Kelly's concert, it took me a lot of latt├ęs (for me) and generous tips (for her), but I finally persuaded Olga to let me take a picture of her. While I was at it, and in demonstration of my sincerity as a photographer, I was able to get snaps of the other waitresses at 49 West, too. I show them now for your viewing pleasure. Guess which one is Olga:
Mystery waitress 1
Mystery waitress 2
Mystery waitress 3
When you have made your guess, ask Jack for the answer.

To tell the truth, what convinced her to let me take the photo was my wife, whom Olga likes, and who came down to visit me this weekend so we could celebrate her birthday together. She, but actually both of us, had a Very Good Time. She has since thanked me several times for the weekend. Part of our date was a tour of the Annapolis Spring boat show down on the waterfront. There was a vendor there selling buttons with mottoes on them. Val insisted on getting me a button that said "I am a Cunning Linguist." I guess it's a reference to my grammar blog, The Writing Rag, on which I featured some birthday poems for her.
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